This Year So Far…2013

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Well, this year has not been as busy as I was hoping. Due to an injury I have been out of commission for three months, and I missed out on a fairly huge opportunity because of it. It was out of my control, so no use crying over it.  I couldn’t have changed anything. I just started being able to work again as of mid October. Before that, though, there were some fun little projects…


Director Peter DeLusie and DOP Mathias Herndl

I got to work with one of my favorite directors, Peter DeLuise, on a Movie of the Week (MOW) for the Hallmark Channel called Garage Sale Mystery. Like the title says, it is a mystery (a murder) that happens around, and is solved by, being at garage sales. Lori Loughlin, from the TV Series Full House (blast from the past) was our main character. She was an absolute dream to work with. Peter’s wife Anne Marie was also a character in the movie. She is just as great as Peter to work with. I asked Peter what it was like directing his wife, and he said it was the only time he would get to tell her what to do. HAHA…

The reason Peter is one of my favorite directors to work with, besides being a great person in general, is because he knows what he wants in each shot, and how to get it without wasting time. He also has a great sense of humour and keeps everything light, and positive on set. It is not good for the crew, or the project, to have a yelling, stressed out director.


The other project I did was another Hallmark MOW called Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and it was directed by a friend of mine that I went to High School with, Scott Smith. It was the first time I have worked with him, and also the first time I saw him since high school.

On a Golf Course filming for Signed, Sealed, Delivered

On a Golf Course filming for Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This MOW was originally intended to be just a movie, but has since been picked up to go to series. It is a great premise that revolves around four quirky Post Office workers that are employed in the Dead Letters division of the US Postal Service. In case you don’t know, a dead letter is a letter that could not be delivered due to the inability to figure out where it needs to go because of ,what could be, a number of reasons. ie. bad hand writing, damage to outside of letter, etc… Our characters must glean everything they can from the outside of the letter before they can open it to try to find further clues as to its destination, or point of origin. This process takes them on quite a ride.


That is it so far. I am starting up on an MOW in mid November called In My Dreams and it is a romantic, warm, fuzzy movie. That is all I can say about it right now. Until next time…